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1927 Big Ben alarm clock

style 1a

by Westclox

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About the style 1a Big Ben

 This one started it all.  The first Big Ben.

It was manufactured from 1918 until 1935. 

The original movement design remained

virtually unchanged until 1956.

Model:  1927 Big Ben, Style 1a

Made by:   Westclox

Stock No: 1395

Features:  The style 1a has a loud ticking sound and loud alarm.  The alarm has a setting for "Steady" ringing or "Repeat".  The "Repeat" function stops and starts again and again until you shut it off.

Dimensions:  7" tall to top of ring, 5 1/4" wide

Condition:  The movement has been restored and it runs and alarms as it should.  The original dial is NEAR MINT.   The original nickel plating is EXCELLENT throughout.

Date of manufacture:  November 21, 1927

Place of Manufacture:  LaSalle, Illinois, USA

Warranty:   Two Years


Price: $295.00